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March 22: Liz Case “Growing Vegetables From Seed”

Liz moved with her husband Nick to the Haliburton area from Toronto in 1995.   In 2000, they bought a farm near Kinmount. It was in need of a lot of attention and they were determined to make it pay for itself and so they started a Certified Organic Vegetable & Herb Farm – from scratch.

There was a lot of ground to be broken and much weeding to be done and the learning began. 

  • In 2001, they joined the new Certified Organic Farmers’ Market in Cameron.   
  • In 2002, with 4 other like-minded people they started the Minden Farmers’ Market which was the forerunner of the Farmers’ Markets in the surrounding area.
  • In 2003, the Farmers’ Market moved from Minden to Kinmount.
  • In 2010, they “Retired” properly – to an off-grid home in the woods near Gooderham where they grew some of their own food.
  • In 2021 they downsized considerably a couple of times and are now in Fenelon Falls.

Fortunately, they both come from gardening families but in general Liz is the gardener and Nick did the “grunt work”.

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