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May 24: Sean James “Crystal Ball: Garden Trends for 2017”

Sean has been gardening professionally since he was sixteen and speaking to horticultural societies for more than 25 years when he graduated from the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture. Sean … Continue reading

May 6, 2017 · 1 Comment

April 26: James & Audrey Pott “Growing Haskap & other Small Fruit”

James & Audrey Pott came to Canada in 1982 to start farming, after having done some solid research for over a year. Yet, after a seven year struggle (financially) we … Continue reading

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Two National Awards for the Peterborough Garden Show!

Garden Event of the Year and, one of 150 Garden Experience Designations in Canada. GARDENS and GARDENING EXPERIENCES Gardens and garden experiences are cultural treasures that have intrinsic value in … Continue reading

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March 22: Gladys Fowler “Square Foot Gardening”

Gladys Fowler grew up in Lakefield where her father grew vegetables and fruit on a 2 acre property.  They composted back in the 50s before it was ‘fashionable’. She taught … Continue reading

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February 22: Robbie Preston “Victory Gardens to the Present”

The life of Robert (Robbie) Preston will be an interesting book to read when he gets it finished. The title is to be “You have done what?”. His ever-changing life … Continue reading

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January 25: Marcy Adzich “Edible Urban Ecology — Food Forests and Beekeeping in our Urban Community”

Marcy Adzich has been exploring the flora and fauna of built and natural landscapes since she was a child growing up on the outskirts of surburbia near Edmonton, Alberta. Always … Continue reading

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November 23: David Beresford “Bugs in the Garden”

David Beresford is an Assistant Professor at Trent who teaches entomology (the study of bugs) and invasive species biology. His research focuses on insect pests of livestock and wildlife, as … Continue reading

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October 26: Gail & Todd Grainger “All About Garlic”

Gail & Todd Grainger are founding members of the Haliburton County Garlic Growers Association formed about 9 years ago. The purpose and aim of the association is to promote the eating … Continue reading

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September 28: Jill Cockerell “Rubs & Marinades from the Garden”

Jill Cockerell is a Chartered Herbalist and owner of Franklin Farm Herbals. She has a diploma from Dominion Herbal College and has taken courses at the Ontario College of Naturopathic … Continue reading

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Edible Landscaping Workshop Series

Edible Landscaping Workshop Series presents… Designing Your Outdoor Space What:  a gathering to learn about productive and ecological design using Permaculture Principles and to work together on the Environment Centre’s … Continue reading

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