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May 26 Double-Bill: Brian O’Hagan from O’Hagan Trees and Sean/Theresa Wilson of Selwyn Garlic Farms

Brian O’Hagan of O’Hagan Trees

After growing up in Peterborough, and going through post-secondary in Ontario, Brian decided to get a job as a conservation officer in Manitoba. Living and working in the provincial parks in Manitoba gave Brian a deep appreciation for nature, and trees in particular. Close to Christmas in 2017, Brian realized that there was a demand for Christmas trees in the area. There were many growing naturally on his family farm in Keene, and he quickly discovered that spruce trees were not the only kind of tree that people were looking for! Noticing a need for a tree nursery, and able to combine that with his love of nature, in 2018 Brian started O’Hagan Trees. Although still a relatively new business, O’Hagan Trees has seen amazing growth over the past couple years, and even recently had to change locations! The business now focuses on many different varieties of trees (including fruit trees), as well as provides delivery, and planting services.

Sean & Theresa Wilson of Selwyn Garlic Farms:

Sean has come from a long line of Dairy Farmers outside of Hamilton.  After moving to Peterborough in 1995 for employment, Sean longed to return to the farm life.  In 2010 Sean and Theresa purchased their own farm in Selwyn township.  It only took a few years of cash cropping before Sean and Theresa felt the need to connect more closely with the community who benefit from the food they produce.  Since 2015 the Wilson family farm has moved more acres every year toward “direct to table” foods.  Specializing in garlic, the Wilsons offer sweet corn with the intention of growing a larger variety of produce every year.  Selwyn Garlic Farms is supported by 3 generations working toward providing a quality product.

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