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May 23: Leora Berman ‘Foodwebs, ecosystems and climate change’

The Land Between is the area in which you live, work and play. It is a region extending from the Georgian Bay Coast to the Ottawa Valley, skirting the Algonquin Dome. The Land Between is the final frontier in conservation for Ontario; it is the last wilderness in southern Ontario, but more is that it is a place that will support all of Ontario during climate change- if it is kept in tact. The Land Between has a dynamic food web and is a refuge for species and ecosystem services. It is ecologically, culturally, and socio-economically unique. It has the highest habitat diversity in Ontario, the most shorelines, and some of the rarest wildlife. It is the meeting place for species of both the north and the south; the Crow and Raven; Moose and Deer; strawberry and blueberry; Woodchuck and River Otter; White Oak and Jack Pine…. The unique ecology and culture will be showcased in this presentation towards greater appreciation and stewardship of this wonderful landscape.leoraberman

Leora Berman has been leading and developing large scale ecological projects for nonprofit groups and governments for 25 years. She studied Economics, English, and Environmental science. As the Cofounder and COO of The Land Between, Leora is focused on building relationships, awareness and capacity. She is dedicated to grassroots, Indigenous and democratic systems and governance. She has worked with governments in the past such as with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and as an educator for the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs, with large charities of Wildlife Habitat Canada and Ducks Unlimited Canada for wetland, landscape and species conservation; and she has worked privately in hydrogeological consulting, for septic designs, dam building, shoreline restoration and also goose control. Leora also runs a private consulting firm that develops and supports social sector efforts in her communities.

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