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April 27: Dr. Brad White “An Eclectic English Gardener in Canada”

bradwhiteDr. Brad White was born in London in the UK, obtained his BSc in Botany at Nottingham University and emigrated to Canada in 1967. His English horticultural journey included experiences on bomb sites and allotments and these triggered his interest in plant, butterfly and moth interactions. He obtained his PhD at McMaster University and spent time in David Suzuki’s lab in UBC before returning to Ontario at Queen’s and then McMaster Universities. He was a member of the Board of the Royal Botanical Gardens and is currently a member of the Conservation and Biodiversity Committee. He moved to Trent in 2001 and is  currently the Director of the Natural Resources DNA Profiling and Forensic Centre. From the prevention of poaching and illegal sale of meat to the preservation of habitats off the coasts of Taiwan and Hong Kong, he uses cutting-edge DNA technology to bring about change at home and abroad.  He was instrumental last month in determining the gender of the new pandas born at the Toronto Zoo using innovative DNA testing on cheek-cell samples.  Four days later, the results were in:  the pandas were a male and a female.

The topic of Dr. White’s talk on April 27 is “An Eclectic English Gardener in Canada”.  Brad will bring a unique mix of humour and information to enthrall us all with quirky stories and folklore relating to his horticultural hobby of gardening.

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