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February 22: Robbie Preston “Victory Gardens to the Present”

robbie-prestonThe life of Robert (Robbie) Preston will be an interesting book to read when he gets it finished. The title is to be “You have done what?”. His ever-changing life started as a pre-World War ll baby and the growing up, and working in the home gardens instead of playing in a sandbox. Due to medical practices at that time, he missed a lot of school. A
runny nose in those days meant you stayed home for three weeks, with no schooling and a warning sign nailed to your front door. But he could, and did work in the family gardens to help grow food for them and the government for their mandatory wartime Victory Gardens.

The missed schooling made him a different man. He calls himself “A Successful Failure”. He was 21 when he graduated from grade 12 high school, returning after two years as a mature student. His life spans a strange mixture of employment, as he moved up the ladder of successes. A Queen Scout, to the gold bars of responsibility and authority in three different professions, plus the ownership in different forms of business and various hobbies. He has received awards that cover a wide scope of ventures. The latest is 2012 “Environmental Hero” for the City of Kawartha Lakes. Well folks, this is not the standard bio you would normally receive, but then, that is one of the reasons l have enjoyed a great life to date.
Jan 18, 2017

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